Weekly Update – February 1, 2015

Hello Everybody across the planet and others not so far away!,
This week was really fun on monday we went bowling as a district and was able to learn a lot about how our district relationships are. we have been able to do a lot more work this week that last week as well and even though numbers are low we are trying our best. We have been doing a ton of service for members and have been finding members opportunities to serve people throughout the week. we also had many fun times with members feeding us, talking with us, not letting us leave their house, things like that. Once the holidays clear up everyone comes back out so we can work but then also the members too want to hang out with us. Sometimes I wonder if they know how much time we could be working instead of talking about random stuff. Transfers are this week and all i know is that i am not recorder according to my fears. Now im worried about getting a call today because that would mean im training, not ready for that. I have taken many pictures and want to send them all. Also i was blessed with the opportunity to meet a person who has lived in Japan with his wife and one baby for about 4 years, yeah my japanese is better than his. Gift of tongues is way too strong, not to mention knowing how to teach the gospel which words hes probably never heard before. I am still studying hard and recently have found a dilemma as to whether i should move on to the next grammar book or start seriously studying kanji, still thinking it over for next transfer. I really want a list of all discriptive words and stuff like that because half the time its in katakana the other half are really hard to find using my dictionary but hey i got this! We had a tokayaki party too! it tasted awesome but looked terrible, haha too much water and no eggs makes really bad tokoyaki balls but really good takoyaki oatmeal. Remember everyone out there that i am praying for you and that i miss all of you guys. Lets be united in our faith and become better with each other.
Much love and Much pictures!
 DSCN8641 DSCN8643
first 2 pictures, a takoyaki party we had at the apartment last last monday, yeah these ones turned out better. the other picture is when my MTC companion came for splits with my zone leaders, fun stuff, miss the guy all the time.
DSCN8644 DSCN8645
then one day whilst reading in the Liahona of 12/2014 i found my cousin Andrew in there, yeah go cousin, keep helping those incoming deacons! the other picture is before shoveling snow, the member fed us some delicious chicken and the blonde missionary is elder Morgan one of the APs , they came over for splits right after my MTC companion left. It was super fun\1!
DSCN8647 DSCN8648
my beloved companion and his smile, then another day last last week we made a snowman!
DSCN8650 DSCN8651
before we went bowling the other day, we ate at a gyoza place and i ate the Ramen, it was ok but i loved the gyoza, that was awesome, also i love my companion!
DSCN8671 DSCN8674
me waiting for the bus the other day, and some okonomiyaki we made on monday night, super good by the way and not in any way similar to takoyaki (it just has all the same ingredients minus octopus and has regular meat instead).
DSCN8680 DSCN8683
I was able to find tortilla chips, salsa, and some beans, you know what that means!? TACO SALAD, so i made that stuff for all of my roommates, big hit ill tell you that. then a picture from the takoyaki party that we had on saturday, the man on the right is this super cool guy who has been in japan for 4 years, he gave me a bunch of tips for stuff like shaving and etc.
DSCN8687 DSCN8689
and their adorable child that loves taking picture and his mommy! i love babies so much (he also did not cry once, he did get upset from seeing my companion and one of the sisters but yeah)
DSCN8691 DSCN8693
whats that one the left? oh its me, yeah that mask hurt my face being made for a small child. And then the food we ate on sunday to break our fast (there was a lot more than just this but yeah, too many pictures too little time)
DSCN8696 DSCN8702
one sunday we also celebrated one of our investigators birthdays, yes hes a small child, he also half phillipine, so he super adorable. He did enjoy the party but hes scared of girls right now so theres that.

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