Weekly Update – October 19, 2014

Welcome to another adventurous (spelling? whats that?) email

So this week in japan, It rained, we had ZTM, I got a bunch of candy and gifts, and our dropped investigator wants to go to church.
So for about 2 days it rained a bit, i think it was left overs of the hurricane, thats too bad i wanted to hit hard by it. I ate at a mcdonalds here, its about the same. I ate at a ramen place butadon place and at pizza hut again! My favorite part of pizza hut is they have this green hot sauce, its really tasty, and hot sauce here is like super rare. all they really have it tabasco which isnt that good anyway. Oh yeah, then it rained again, but mostly the wind was what interferred with us getting to places since were on bikes going against the wind.
At zone training meeting, we got new action items, we mogi`d like 3 times, and we did a surprise birthday thing for nakatsuka kaicho. but for some reason they brought up me and tsutsumi choro as well and they bombarded us with stuff, i now have 2 picture books (with about 10 pictures haha) a bunch of awesome candy, and a 30 second timer that is a oil and water thingy, its really cool. Kent choro gave me a star wars paper book with chewy on the front and it says youre a beast keep it that way……yeah. then after that i decided that i didnt need lunch since i had so much food anyway, and im trying to save money anywho.
I dont think that me being in japan has hit me yet still. like im here i know im here but its just not very surprising i guess? i dont know maybe i just dont get that feeling or something. our investigator saito san who said he could not do this church thing anymore because he thinks god jesus and joseph smith messed up with the coffee, tea and homosexuality part of our commandments. yeah im not sure. BUT! he loves church and he feels good here so he’s going to keep coming, i just don’t understand his viewpoint very well, but whatever, he still likes church. He was super happy at the halloween party we did, oh by the way we did a halloween party. Super fun, i would send pictures but i mostly did videos.
ok now this weeks scriptures.
DC 13, 20, 84, 107, 121 (priesthood power!!!!)
DC 84: 33-44 oath and covenant of the priesthood
Alma 13
2 nephi 2:13 (scripture chase: what is the thing that acts and what is the thing that is acted upom (hint god science))
Alma 34:15
3 Nephi 9:14
dc 61:36 dc 18:10
Hel 12:22
1 Sean 1:1 I love all of you, amen.
Elder Call

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