Weekly Update – October 12, 2014

Hurricane coming soon,
So this week has been pretty rough but overall not so bad, one of our best investigators, Saito-san self dropped the other day because he thought that the drinking no coffee or tea or no homosexuality would be too hard for others. His vision is really huge and he personally doesnt have a problem with it but for some reason he thinks that joseph smith got all the rest of the word of wisdom right but messed up on those 2 pieces. Not sure about it but, luckily our relationship is still good, hes going to come to eikaiwa on tuesday and im looking forward to it.
Our other investigators seem to be accepting things pretty well and patrick and the maeda kazoku are doing about 50% right now, we could be doing better so we will repent and do some hard work from now one. I have been having a harder and harder time getting up in the morning because its getting colder and colder…..and we cant use our heater during the night. We just had conference here, and it was amazing! Over the period of the whole conference i took 36 pages of notes, wow, first time ive taken real notes on a conference and 36 pages, i literally did not stop writing almost the whole time. My favorite talk was probably sunday afternoon session Elder David A. Bednar`s talk about non members and for non members. My quote that i made myself (maybe wont be new but i thought it up) was `you dont choose God, he chooses you. God chose Joseph Smith, so that makes him true` just a little rhyme to lighten the mood.
Not a whole lot happened this week because when we had time to dendo we were just teaching and had like a million meetings to be to. My favorite thing this week was probably the chance i had to be in an earthquake, BUT i was on a train so i didnt even feel it at all. Everyone was just like did you feel it? so i cried and said no. Anyway time is running short so here comes some scriptures.
1 Nephi 5:1-7
3 Nephi 18:20-21
Gal 2:20
1 Cor 10:13
Luke 5:1-11
I love all of you and i thank you for all of your support and emails (keep them coming 🙂  )
Elder Sean Call

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