Weekly Update – November 30, 2014

Hello Again everyone from, What the?! i have a half inch blister on the pad of my foot!!!
Anyway, So this week we have been doing alot of work, literally just walking and pinging houses, we have found a few people who seem to be interested but won’t know until  this week when we try to visit them again. We have been keeping in contact with saito-san over the phone all week and he is reading the book of mormon again! we also went to a concert with him on saturday in Atsubetsu (basically Sapporo) its was a testimony concert where they all sung hymns, its was super good and i felt the spirit really hard. Saito san texted us a little bit ago the other day saying that he was thankful for going to the concert, `i felt alot of passion there` haha wrong silly that was the spirit! luckily we can teach him this week and hopefully relate to him and teach about the spirit, we are also going to teach again from lesson 1. Our other investigator Akira-san was able to meet with us, it was raining and cold but he was willing to talk to us for about 40 minutes ish. He brought up baptism by himself and wanted to know about church and stuff. so we asked if he would want to come and he said yes, we gave him a map and await for his call. This weeks weather is all over the place but its gonna get cold from here on out,….i think! Working really hard does pay off, as long as you keep a prayer in your heart to find that prepared person. Also i just wanted to let you all know how much fun japanese thanksgiving is, we had rice, stuffing, and mashed potatoes with a little chicken. EPIC!
On a personal level i have been working on a 21-day obedience plan in order to get a badge that’s given by the mission president. So basically my whole body is sore and because of that, i am healing super slow and getting injured easy (for instance that blister). But! life is good, i love my companion, i love the ward, the members, the people, the miracles. I wish i could tell you all thats on my mind but i have no time to relay all of it. By the way, i love you all!!
DC 68:11
TG walking with god (i see it a ton in the book of mormon, `and he walked in the ways of the lord` thought it would be interesting to read)

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