Weekly Update – November 3, 2014

Good morning america from the coldest place ive been in for a long time. I just played sports for about 3 hours at a gym, and we played all kinds of sports, yup still not good at it. When elder kent was emailing an earthquake happened, my first time! It was pretty small and it just felt like i was moving forward and back slowly, not that fun. What was fun though was being able to talk to this nice grandma lady we met yesterday. Typically we talk to her daughter but she wasnt there this time, but she let us in the genkan and we sat (not really) and talked for a while, shes super nice and wanted to do something with us today, too bad we cant do appointments on p-day but its ok. It hailed one day just like this. Rain, Hail, Rain, Sun, Rain. Pretty wierd being hit by hail when on a bike, i thought i was being attacked. Also the rain is really strange here, even if you have an umbrella the winds picks it up and throws it in your face anyway, pretty annoying. Our investigator Saito-san decided to start reading and praying about his problems with our commandments but he wanted to tell us himself, but he hasnt yet. He also didnt show up for church. Transfers are soon, and im looking forward to seeing who my new companion is, i hope hes japanese, tll be such a good learning experience.
Love all of you so much and i wish i had more time but i gotta go soon, byebye
Elder Call
2 nephi 9:51

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