Weekly Update – November 23, 2014

Happy Sunday for all of you in America!!
So this last weeks weather has been erratic if i were to give it one word. First it was snowing, then it got pretty warm (10 degrees celcius) then it rained for a day and now everything is frozen. This week we did alot of things but it doesn’t reflect on our numbers sadly. We probably rode about 45kl this week because my companion didnt have money since he had about 10000yen saved up in reimbursments so he could not take the train to get to places. BUT we have fun all the time. This guy is so funny he’s like my trainer in japanese form but he’s crazy energized. People from okinawa really can do things louder and funnier.
This week we met with Saito San again and he really doesn’t want to join the church but for some reason he said he would be willing to listen to the lessons we had for him, he also emailed yamamoto shimai saying that hanging out with us has been super fun and that he wants to basically hang out with her as well when we do lessons. YEAH!! im so glad that we can be good enough friends that he wants to hear us, also this transfer we are trying to strengthen the ward like a ton so basically the members have been pouring out their love (in form of meals and gifts) to us. So this week we had meat for almost every meal. We also fasted for the sake of the other elders investigator since he was going to go to his parents house to get permission from them to get baptized and he got it! I get to see a baptism, oh jeez i hope i dont cry.
This week was zone conference, so i got to meet with my classmates from the mtc or at least Roylance choro and TsuTsumi choro, the spirit was very strong and i got alot of really useful information and scriptures and stuff. Well my time is running short sorry everybody, but i love you all so much. Be careful with winter coming up, stay healthy.
All of my love,
Elder Sean Call

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