Weekly Update – November 16, 2014

Hello again everybody, once again back to the old grind of finding.
A lot of good stuff happened this week, we did tons of finding since we cant really meet with any of our investigators. We also tried to pick up a bunch of old investigators. Right now saito-san is doing well in his personal life but hes not really willing to go to church and he seems to have no desire. We are going to continue to meet with him until we can find out what his real problems are. The maeda family seemed to kind of like asato choro but they are really quiet and asato choro really does not like situations like that, hes not awkward but he hates awkward situations.
This week it snowed quite a bit, but since i decided recently to follow the white handbook and not use my camera during dendo i dont have alot of them recently, im going to try and find a cord today for my camera so hopefully i can send a picture by next week. My japanese is still rapidly expanding and i am going to start using flash cards while on the train or whenever im not doing a whole lot. Message to my momma im so sorry for missing your birthdayill send you a card tomorrow first thing, i promise! This week ive been having some trouble with my confidence but this mornings personal study was amazing and it made some connections to my patriarchal blessing so i thank the lord for that.
I want to hear more from all of you, Japan is amazing but im sure things are going to be going on in America wherever you guys are. This week we also found a person who straight up said she had interest in our message and she wants us to go to her club where its all old people who want to here about other religions and sometimes join them, its super cool, it’ll be like preaching in the 1800’s. Recently i have come to love Japanese people more and more and more. This really is my destined location on this earth, i know it without a doubt. I love all of you so much, I wish i had more time but we have things to do
1 nephi 3:6-7 (Asato choros favorite scripture)
this is a quote but whatever `God gives his toughest battles to his toughest soldiers`
See you all soon,
Elder Sean David Call

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