Weekly Update – November 10, 2014

Once again a huge email from the beautiful eniwa chitose area!
Transfers came, and guess what? i have a nihonjin companion now!! he is Asato choro and he is from okinawa. Super fun and he loves cleaning, with kent choro gone and asato choro here the apartment is practically spotless! So right now i am an area senpai, i get to lead asato choro around until i he has an idea of whats up. So far we have met with yuina chan once this week she was really awkward with asato choro so it was really wierd but thats ok, only first time contact. for the next 2 weeks the maeda family cannot meet with us so we dropped their baptismal date (we want the husband to be baptised with them anyway).
We have an appointment with saito-san soon and its not a regular lesson just kinda getting to know him. gotta build up his faith right now, because i know he has a testimony he just needs more faith that these commandments come from God and were not a human mistake. Our other investigators have become very hard to meet with and we can hardly teach them even when we do, the work has become hard but we started doing more housing and we are finding more people we may be able to teach.
this last week we had the primary program and the children were so adorable, i want to take them all home.I love all of these people here, and our ward may have some problems but they all have been trying harder to unite so thats good. You are all so awesome for reading my email, I wish the best of Gods blessings upon you in your lives.
Much love Elder Call

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