Weekly Update – December 7, 2014

Ok so this week in Eniwa-Chitose. Lets see…..well first it snow about 10 centimeters, that was crazy fun, and we also dig snow shoveling for the first time, apparently im really good at it, i guess learning how to level things payed off after all. I`m still woking on my 21 day obedience program and it seems to be working out pretty well, Im studying, learning, contacting. Working hard, not alot of fruits from it though. Oh by the way everyone happy late thanksgiving and happy early christmas! We have a tree thats like a foot and a half tall out here, so thats adorable. We also keep on getting food from members, if im not careful i may gain back the 10 kilograms that i lost.
with saito-san theres not much news, he is slowing letting us kind of present him with commitments but he doesnt want to go to the baptism we have coming up, we could not meet with akira-san this week because of a members birthday party which was super fun by the way! i finally know enough japanese to understand when someone is explaining a game. its kind of funny but with all japanese games the person who is `it` or whatever is always called an oni. look it up on wikipedia if you want to know more. I continue to eat more and more, but my body will not hold weight, I had to use my boots for the first time (wanted to) and they are so heavy that i cant slip, they just kinda sink into anything.
We tried to pick up alot of OI`s out where we are at but could not meet with any of them except one, who let us in his house, gave us mugicha and play billiards with us. We also had a yakiniku party and i probably ate about 2 or 3 pounds of meat, since everyone else would not eat…..tough amirite? But recently with the days getting shorter, my hair is getting darker, Anyway i love all of you, see you soon.
Elder Call

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