Weekly Update – December 31, 2014

good afternoon, morning, night from everyone on this side of the veil.
so this week has been really fun, tough, depressing, and joyful ever. it really is easier to feel happy after you feel really bad. So recently trying to be as worthy and obedient as i can i have been hitting alot of walls, i think i can make it past them if i trust in the Lord though. we didn’t get to meet with hardly any of our investigators this week but we did manage to travel a ton and spend a ton of our money since we were away from the apartment. its been snowing here and there just kind of maintaining the amount of snow laying around. Still not taking pictures while i dendo so theres that. we got transfer calls today! Im staying in eniwa chitose for another month and a half with asato choro, its gonna be whack! this also means i will be able to teach patrick and saito, meada family, and akira san more.
The times are getting busier, everyone is getting pretty aggravated at our approaches but i am always working to improve. Still learning japanese, but i have read through the yellow grammar book we have and i have mastered all of them but about 8, so im gonna work on applying those into my stuff. Also recently i have been learning words and forgetting them just as fast because i dont use them. but thats entirely a different story. Recently i have been wanting to just sit down and play games but then i think about how much fun it is to go around and see everyones reactions to us. I really miss all of you, but more importantly i want you all to do your best out there!
This is short again becuase we are doing our district activity before transfers which are a day ahead of schedule this time. So basically i had alot of ups and downs and i wish i could tell you more but whats important is that im growing. Remember i love you all, and i wish you all a merry christmas,
Love you all,
Elder Call

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