Weekly Update – December 21, 2014 – Merry Christmas!!

so this week was really crazy, good ,and really fast. I just noticed that we spend half of the day studying, every day. So we dont work as much as i thought. but still without that study there would be no way that i could be speaking japanese right now as well as i have been speaking it recently. BY THE WAY! merry christmas everyone!!, make sure you all have a crazy fun time and have lots of american food for me since i am in japan, not sure what we are going to eat at our zone activity but well see. starting on tuesday is started to rain, yup rain, everything turned into a giant slushy and my shoes are pretty hardcore damaged now, ill put in a picture after this. then after raining it gets super cold right, so its all ice, in fact a week later of pretty warm days its still all ice. ive gteen really good at walking on wet ice by the way, and ive only slipped once, and i was running at that time taking a corner and jumped, what do you expect right?
This week we did not get to meet with any of our investigators except for the maeda family and it was the mom that set up the appointment during our weekly planning session, so thats one thing, she must have some genuine interest, obviously. We have recenty gotten these christmas cards which are in japanese and i understand it but i dont know how to translate it, maybe its something like he is the gift. but anyway. with this week having our transfers as well as our ward christmas party it was super crazy,
Wednesday we had to stya in the apartment the whole day because the weather was aparrantly the worst all year, but where we were at was like so beautiful. Then we also we able to meet with patrick on friday, its getting really hard to teach him, i feel like he always learns more when we let the lesson just be really relaxed and i let the spirit do everything, because i tried to teach lesson 2 and got as far as the creation and taught a little bit about the spirit world, thats it. But i love the guy, and i cant wait to see him soon. He also wants me to work for him after the mission as an english teacher. I think ive seen his restaraunt in a dream so i would not be surprised.
SATURDAY! we had our christmas party and open house, which was super fun and we did alot of work but no fruits that were aparant. anyway we keep trudging on, but this week has been the best week for me on a personal goal level so thats good. Remember that i love all of you and want to see all of your smiles, thanks for all of your gifts and letter you gave me, BYEBYE
Elder Call

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