Weekly Update – September 28, 2014

Hello everyone from the land of green stuff,
ill start with scriptures first since i could to send them last week:
D&C 84:88
D&C 93:12-13
2 Nephi 28:30
Alma 38:12
Mosiah 3:19
1 Cor 9:24-27
DC 121:45
Alma 34:18-28
Mark 16:14-end
D&C 109:22,26
Amos 8:11
and thats all of them, there is alot of stuff but these are some of the scriptures i have read in personal study or used in lessons
A quick little thing our mission has every week is the APs post the 6 best companionships numbers for the mission for that week and this week our numbers were up there! so excited to be working hard. So coming back to what i did with our investigators this week, our lesson with patrick this week was really amazing, even though we ended up talking about a bunch of things and mostly focussed on the book of mormon the biggest thing he pulled from our message was that god has a body and really created us after his image. He just kept on saying how can you argue with that? it was really good, we also shared with him a mormon message or 2 with him and he was really feeling the spirit. He told us he is going to call himself a mormon from now on, hes such a funny guy. The only problem is that he works on sunday for his shop and cant really take it off but then again we havent even really asked him if he wants to come with us. he is currently in 2 nephi chapter 28 and i believe he is going to be much farther tomorrow.
Another investigator is Saito-san who came to church yesterday, he is so pure of heart it is amazing. He was telling us he had to confess and that he was being so rude because before we first contacted him he always had interest in the church but didnt know how to first do it, good thing we asked if we could talk to him on the street. He now has a baptismal date and has already had amazing experiences with prayer and reading the scriptures. I feel like i am not even doing anything he is the one who is really progressing, and that is how it really should be.
The other 2 investigators we had at church was the Maeda kazoku mother and her daughter yuina-chan. They seemed to really enjoy it and i believe they will be able to come next week aswell, they are really interested in the lessons and what our church has to say about eternal families. They do their reading and they pray but they still need to hear most of the lessons still but thats ok.
this week we had a team up with our bishop with fukushima-san but honestly he has 0 interest in the church, which is ok because he will become interested through our service and helping him out. Next week is our last lesson with him and he seems excited to be rid of us, ha we are not so easy to be rid of. anyway….
our other investigators are not progressing to much except we keep finding more people to teach and i just love this service, I cannot send pictures this week either because my comp forgot his cord so yeah its too bad. I really want to just let you all know how thankful i am for giving me all the support that you have given me. Stay strong brethren and sisters! Lets surprise the world of our work! Remember what moroni says after he watches his family get killed, `I will not deny the Christ` follow those examples given to us so freely from the Lord, I love you all so much!
Elder Call

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