Weekly Update – September 21, 2014

Made somewhere beyond your point of perception…

So this update is going to have to be quick because we are planning on going to a place that looks like the hobbit so says my companion. My camera pictures are so large of a size that this email wont let me send them which is really dumb but whatever i may decrease the quality to 720p. Thise week with our many many investigators that we taught, there is 3 that are progressing. the one i will be talking on today is named patrick. You may know a little about him but we sat down with him on friday from around 4 to around 930 which was super refreshing, i feel like whenever i go there i am there to teach him but he ends up sharing with us all this stuff from the bible and personal experiences that he has had with god, i can feel the spirit so strong when the three of us are talking. He thinks we are there to convert him but he is already converted and just doesnt know it yet. He is at 1 nephi around chapter 12 but probably today we are going to drop by and give him our emails because he wants to tell us about his life before the gospel of christ (it was apparantly really bad) im pretty sure hes been in prison, but basically he has had a tough life. Which makes him all the stronger through faith, true faith. we told him its either right or wrong when it comes to the book of mormon, and i testified then we asked him to find out for himself and i think he already believes that it is true. he keeps saying im reading this and it was wierd at first but now i keep reading and i keep thinking this is stuff that i already know from reading the bible so i think he will really enjoy this book. I would love to send pictures but i think i may print some out and mail them home since i cant email them but whatever its japan yo!
Im off to go explore the land of greenery and fun stuff!
scriptures will not be here this week since i left my planner at home in the apartment.
Elder Call

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