Weekly Update – October 5, 2014

Hello Everyone From (insert drumroll here…)

I stayed in Eniwa-Chitose! We have some really strong investigators and i feel like i was sent here to do the work for them specifically. This last week we didnt not teach a whole lot of lessons with our strong investigators except with one. Saito-san right now has attended church twice and is scheduled to be baptized on the 19th of this month, he is so very pure of heart and his faith is so strong. He just seems to be the person who we would think would not be interested but he actually is very strong and loves the church.

We have taught him lessons 1-2 and eternal marriage, he seems to grasp the concept a lot easier if we teach him with a member, so we did 3 team-ups with him this week. yes, three lessons with on man in one week, seems like a little too much but he is absorbing it all very well.
We have been fed by members too many times this week, at this rate i am going to get very fat very fast. The members need our attention too because some of them do not even want to be at church so we do service for them and talk to them and encourage them to learn more about christ and his atonement. This week was mostly with Saito-san but we also taught a couple other 2 hour long lessons.
One was with Narita-san who speaks english and becomes like a little girl when we talk to her (shes about 60) we read the book of mormon with her, helped her with crossword puzzles, and gave her an invitation to the halloween party.
The other lesson was with Patrick, it was very off topic but if theres one thing we taught it would be the importance of attending church and we invited him to watch general conference on his computer, he is very busy though so we will see, he said he would watch the joseph smith story the other night so i think he will do it. He has been continueing to read the book of mormon so that means he is perpared.
not a lot of time but i have some scriptures!
Alma 38:10-15
Mosiah 18:8-12
I have now read the book of mormon from cover to cover twice, my third run through topic is dual, the character of christ, and the meaning of the atonement.
I love you all, hope you have an amazing time with all the work you are doing currently, stay strong, work that faith.
Elder Call



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