Weekly Update – September 8, 2014

Hello again everyone from the prettiest country I’ve ever been to!
This is Elder Call about to throw some spirit your way. This time, and probably from now on, i am going to be solely talking about investigators and spiritual experiences.
So first comes scriptures:
2 Nephi (i forgot where it was, ok sue me. but it talks about anyone from the north or the west or the east or the south that you should record your dealings with me (this is Christ speaking) so, keep your journal)
Alma 36 – just read the whole chapter
Mosiah 24:10-16 – God answers our prayers if they are from the heart.
Alma 49 – relate this to someone who is protecting themselves and preparing themselves for a spiritual invasion. Satan will come to tempt us, but not himself. he will send his armies and when we resist him, he does not stop just because we did it once. we must remain righteous lest he overcomes us, like the Nephites we will be safe as long as we walk straightly before the Lord.
Ok, now investigators.
Shohei-kun: he tends to call us and is setting up his own appointments, last time we taught lesson 1 with him and committed him to pray every night before bed. he said he would and he believes in personal revelation. He has doubts about Jesus healing people, so the topic of Priesthood may need some explaining.
Tokuno family: we have decided to have some sports activites with them and to talk to the dad who is hantai (against the church) but he seems really nice and we would like to teach them more often.
Maeda family: same thing with the father but he is really nice and the family is ready for baptism, they just need permission from the father and they need to attend church.
Fukushima-san: he loves english, we teach him 30 minutes english and gospel and he seems to like it ok enough. we call him daily to have him practice his english.
funada family: talked to the wife for about an hour and we gave her a pamphlet. i think she is really nice and the husband is prepared to accept the gospel. he would be baptized if his wife allowed it, but we are working with her now
Kaya-san: super nice old rich lady that owns practically half of the city of chitose (or did but now sold it for loads of cash). we offered her service in her garden and she said she would read the Book of Mormon full time when it starts snowing so i am praying for snow. she has read it a bit but thinks its very difficult to understand (since the japanese do not use the kanji used in the book of mormon)
Saito-san: we stopped him on the road and he just showed up to church, but5 we were not there yet but a member taught him luckily. he aseems really awesome but he is slightly stress crazy (i dont even know engluish anymore) if he is stressed he snaps but he is getting medication and we want to teach him more.
Patrick: a man from Toronto that runs a shop called Cozy Hut: it has amazing food, and he is super awesome and prepared, he reads 10 chapters of the bible every day and is really selfless. we went to his shop and ordered drinks to try to talk to him but a friend came and he talked but we waited. then like 9 people walked in so we left, but the wife grabbed him and he said `im so sorry hey next time i’ll make sure we can talk, ok guys?` isn’t he amazing?
that’s all the investigator lessons we taught this week. i may put in miracles next week so be ready. all my love going out to Arizona right now (just kidding only japan gets my love).
Love you all,
Elder Call

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