Weekly Update – September 14, 2014

So basically i keep forgetting words in english and its really annoying to write in my journal now. We just had a lesson with one of our investigators names Saito Shu-kun he has a slight hint of seishin byo (it means basically mental) but it just makes him really nervous and anxious. BUT! our lesson was really good, we all did introductions and then we shared experiences when prayer helped us. We had a member there as well rikunou kyodai who helped a lot, i feel. He is super nice too. Earlier today we had a bbq up in the forest and i almost died because its way too beautiful up here in japan. Sadly this week i cannot send picture because reasons. But next week hopefully i can. Also i heard that the temple is having its open house soon! im super excited for all of you out in the phoenix area. But anyway i learned last week in church that the temple here is planned to completed on the twelfth month of next year, WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!!!!! I can’t wait to see my converts go through the temple to receive their endowments.
This week I taught our investigator Fukushima-san and he said no-no-no-no-no-no-no to prayer but he is using his wife dying as an excuse to not do anything, but i think he really likes us. maybe once he figures out we just want to help him out he will be more willing. In our eikaiwa (english conversation) i tried to lift up Sakamura choro and it didn’t work out very well. We had 3 contacts in this really nice area and i felt pretty good about it. we visited Washio-san and gave her a Book of Mormon and she said she might read it, so that’s awesome. This week was really barabara (all over the place) because our plans would fall through, or something would pop up but it was really tiring in a good way. This Thursday we did almost nothing because it was raining for a day straight and the AP`s called us and told us not to leave the apartment.
We didn’t actually have that hard of a time though since we have rain gear but on thursday we tried to visit one of our english investigators and his store was closed and nobody was home but still it was worth a shot. but listen to this, on saturday we decided to just visit his place again and see if we could give him a Book of Mormon. So we go in the restaraunt and he lets us in, i tell him we wanted to sit down and talk a bit, the he says you want to convert me, hey? it was hilarious but then i said well no i feel like you are already converted (which he is, he only reads the bible and just the bible). then we sat and talked, on a saturday, when its the busiest time of the week, and NOBODY CAME IN!!! we gave him the book and he said he WILL read it, no more surety have i heard out of anyone saying anything besides one of the first presidency or the quorum of the twelve apostles. He is the most prepared investigator we have, and i love him so much.
On Thursday night we had an appointment with the Maeda kazoku and we talked to them about prayer and when it is important to pray, which is always by the way. On friday i had Splits with my japanese zone leader and roommates, probably the first day i ever talked only japanese the whole day so far. He seems to think i’m good at Japanese, but i don’t know. i want to say a lot but i cannot most of the times. we had one lesson then we housed for about 3 hours, it was bomb. He has a very interesting finding method where he doesn’t seem to give them to talk and it seems to work for giving them things but we only had 2 appointments made from 34 contacts, anyway he’s an awesome person.
I keep on writing new words i don’t understand in my planner and some days the whole page of notes is filled up with new words, its a really effective use of my time instead of just sitting there not understanding them. I love you all a bunch and i wish to speak to you all so much more but sadly i must return to my epic and life changing work that is through Gods will. Scriptures of the week:
Alma 32:28 – try that seed out and feel for yourself, do your part
Alma 32:41 – work that faith out like some corn starch water (do it seriously)
Moroni 10:4-5 – those promises though
2 John 3:22 – yes
2 Nephi ‘:9 – yes, find that chapter
Much love going out to arizona where the gila river flows once again.
Elder Sean Call
シャン コール 長老

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