Weekly Update – August 7, 2014

Mina-san Kon’nichiwa!

Konshu wa subarashikatta, demo watashitachi wa mondai ga arimashita. Ikeda-kyodai wa kami-sama ni shinjiru shinko ga arimasen deshita. Demo mae no lesson no aida watashitachi wa seirei wo kanjimashita. This week was awesome, but we had a problem. Ikeda-kyodai (one of our investigators) did not believe in God, he didn’t have true faith. But our last lesson we taught, we felt the spirit. We centered the whole lesson around one of his problems and he recieved it very well. I studied the whole day and fasted and prayed for it to go well. Kawamura-kyodai (the teacher who plays as Ikeda-san) told us that it was our best lesson yet! Finally by week 8 in the MTC i was able to teach a person not a lesson. I’ll tell you what, there is no better feeling than the joy you feel when you are teaching an investigator with the spirit, and after that lesson when you feel the joy that is promised us that if we bring a soul unto God how great shall be our joy. Every is doing good i assume? Hopefully me going out on my mission has set an example for a few people. This MTC stay is super hard, and i am working through some things that should have been resolves earlier but i wouldn’t change it for the world.

 My investigators are doing well! I think one of them still needs some work before we can teach something and relate it to him, but i know that God and help us with that. The other investigator is doing very well, he has a baptismal date set and we are trying to prepare him for that so that’s our major concern. Am i excited to go to Japan? hmmm, well honestly it still feels fake, I’m sure some of you can attest to that, but i will say that i am excited to be speaking just Japanese when i get there, it’s going to be amazing. Life is indeed a dream come true, I prayed earnestly for the first time not too long ago (before the MTC) and guess what it was for? to go to Japan. God really knows us all personally, and if we pray to him from the heart he will hear and answer our prayers if he deems it expedient unto him. I am not sure what to talk about but i guess i could tell you about how we sung “sweet hour of prayer” in choir on Tuesday, which was awesome. i got to sit next to Crosby choro and Miller choro (previous district leaders). Also did i tell you yet that i met an Elder Call? he comes from one of Anson Call’s sons that went to wisconsin or wyoming (can’t remember) but I will send pictures because he is awesome. Also i have an Arizona friend Elder Thurgood, he is super cool and he was injured so he got to stay here longer and learn more German!

Much love to everyone,

Call choro


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