Weekly Update – August 31, 2014

Hello my beloved,
I have had an amazing week filled with miracles, we have found 2 people we call kinjin which is literally just gold person, or a golden investigator. They both have their own stories and they are all amazing. I don’t believe in coincidence anymore so when we meet a man who loves america and is really good at English and wants us to teach him, and we meet him while on our way to visit an investigator who was no longer home, yeah that was coincidence all right. WRONG! That was a person who was prepared, being sent to us. We have done so many amazing things and we have eaten amazing food. The members are still astounding me, some of these girls are probably 10-13 and they are coming to church on their own wills, without their parents, its simply amazing. The 2 token grandmas are feeding us around every week and they are just giving us all these things, i love the japanese people so much. I have been able to teach a few lessons and we have made some really high goals but i trust in the Lord, that if it is in His will that we will complete these goals, then it will happen. We have to work really hard but what else is our time to used for than working. We also met a man named Patrick from Toronto, Canada and he has read the bible probably 1000 times. He kept quoting scripture masteries to us and i think he was put into our path as well. He is so nice and i can feel that he is a very strong spirit. I am not entirely sure what to talk about but i think if i remember anything i will tell you all, Well im off to eat some curry!
I set a baptismal date yesterday!!! (Sunday) i am so excited!!! Welp im out of time I love all of you so much and i think about you all the time, keep that awesome flow of blessing coming to you by serving all those around you, fight the good fight.
Elder Call

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