Weekly Update – August 24, 2014

Hey everyone,

Greetings from Japan, How is everyone doing? I am assigned to the Eniwa-Chitose area and it is so beautiful and green. Everyone here is so polite and funny. The members here are so strong and they have amazing testimonies. The proselyting out here is hard but it is really fun. My trainer is really fun, he makes the work fun and he is really cool and full of stories. The food is amazingly good, I had a squid filled with rice, sounds gross but it was super good, the squid was chewy but it was super good. I have had Soba, ramen, and some croquets. They have the best bread here, it just tastes so good and it is so very much better for you im sure since all of their grains arent all augmented like they are in America. I have contacted 40 people already and our goal for baptisms this transfer is 8 we have 6 names behind those numbers but it’s going to be some hard work. Love all of you so much,
Much love from Japan,
Elder Sean Call

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