Weekly Update – August 14, 2014

Good day Everyone,

This week was a little more stressing than the last, we got our flight itinerary then i learned that i am the travel leader for the Sapporo missionaries. I need to start packing today in order to get ready in time for my trip to Japan on Monday. I had my Birthday this last Monday and that was really fun, so many of you sent me letter through dear elder, I now hold the record for 2 things at the mtc. The other is new missionaries hosted in one day. Thank you so much for all the support that you are giving me through everything, even if i cannot see that you are doing it i can feel the differences between the days. We have done so much in this past week, it’s funny though we just made a game to compete against each other using only Japanese but its the last week so we can only play it like twice before we leave. I am very excited to be here and I am beyond ready to leave the MTC. Thanks again for all the letters I love you all. There is so much knowledge we can obtain in this life, that is eternal, feast on that eternal goodness. Read the Book of Mormon, through it we can gain the knowledge we need to answer the questions we have or will have. Do so prayerfully, plan it out, make it important. Thanks for sending me the pictures, everyone loves them and says “Look at you now, that guy with the fauxhawk is a completely different person.” and you know what? they’re right. I have changed so much and for the better if i do say so myself. I have gone through many trials of faith and obedience but i will never give up, through his power can we do anything. I know that all of this is true, and there is really no happenstance, no coincidence, no accidents, it is all by design. The Atonement is infinite, he took account for anything and everything, through it we can become whole. I say these things with a heavy heart in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Call Choro


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