Call Choro’s on the Move!

As of yesterday morning, Elder Call began his journey to Japan! He was deemed the group travel leader for the duration of the trip – which meant he directed all of the missionaries in his district from the MTC and through the airports. Once they got to the SLC Airport, the group got split in 3 (serving different areas of Japan) and his group following him to Hokkaido shrunk to 4 plus himself. His first 2-hour layover was in L.A. from which he called and spoke with us briefly. His second layover was in Portland, Oregon (another 2 hours) and then off to Hokkaido, Japan they go! They arrived early this morning.

Airplane around the world pic (2)


Hooray for culture shock! The current weather is high 50’s to low 70’s with cloudy and some rainy days. The time difference is 16 hours so jet lag shouldn’t be too bad, he just lost an entire day lol. From the looks of a tourist site, there are a lot of ice and snow festivals to attend come the late months of the year!

Keep Call Choro in your prayers and send him a letter or package! The Contact Info page has been updated to reflect the move to Japan.


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