Weekly Update – July 31, 2014

Hello Everyone, mina-san kon’nichiwa,

konshu wa honto ni muzukashi desu. Demo Shu no ai o kanjire masu. Kino watashi wa futatsu no lesson ni oshiemashita. this week was really hard, but I can feel the lords love. Yesterday i taught 2 lessons. Neither of which was i prepared for, one of them was with an old man in Japan, his name is kiragi i believe, its hard to read his name (the kanji is old) he is a fisherman and he’s really funny. We were teaching him about the doctrine of Christ and i would ask him why he thought it was important to be able to be baptized. He thinks really long and i think hes going to say something profound, then he goes “wakaranai!” really fast so it sounds more like wakanai, which basically means “I don’t know”. Then we laughed for about 2 minutes. He was really sweet though and he listened carefully to what we had to say. He also helped us with our nihongo. We forgot to challenge him to anything (probably because we didnt get to plan) but hopefully next week we will be able to do so. Our other lesson was with Hiroshi-kyodai and the lesson involved 3 Nephi chapter 11. We tried our best to be able to explain the pieces and he asked some really good questions. At the end before we were going to sing the second verse of i believe in Christ a knock came to the door. Hiroshi-kyodai stood up and checked the door but nobody was there. We are just about to open our mouths to sing then another knock comes at the door (at this point I am very well aware that we are slightly over time but come on twice within a minute?) Hiroshi-kyodai opens the door and it’s the next Senkyoshi who are supposed to teach all they say is “Haiaku” Oh boy I was mad, but it can’t be helped. So we sung and had Hiroshi-kyodai pray for us. Whoever reads these updates should attempt to mail me something or contact my family and tell them something, I don’t get much mail at all.

Love to everybody,
Elder Call, Call Choro


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