Weekly Update – June 17, 2014

It’s good to be invested in your calling, there is no better work than serving your fellow man. The best part of this so far is we have a schedule. I thrive on schedules, that way i don’t need to worry about what i should do next, I just do it.

I would like to bring to your attention a talk called “Character of Christ”. It is by Elder Bednar. In it he talks about with all your problems, our thoughts are to turn inward, just sit, ponder, pray. With real intent, and then go ahead and turn outward. God will provide for you what is needed, all he wants is for everyone to bring others to him through Christ, of this i testify.

We actually have to plan about 50% of our schedules because if we don’t our personal, comp, language study would be useless. The way we have “investigators” is funny, most of them (the one’s we teach every day at least) are our teachers acting as a person who is real and may or may not be converted. On Monday we have TRC where we teach people who volunteered to be taught.

With all of my heart full of love

Elder Call


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