Challenges to Everyone from Elder Call

If you are one of my non member friends and are reading this, i challenge you to get a Book of Mormon from my family and read it, ponder the writings, and pray with real intent whether it is true or not.
Now for all of my member friends/family/others. I also would like to challenge you, I challenge you to try exact obedience for a week. If you know me, you know that I am not one to be obedient at all, dont even think about exact obedience.
I have learned more in these 3 weeks as a missionary about nihongo, kono fukuin, iesu kirisuto no aganai, to seiten, than i ever had before in my entire life. If i were to put a number to it, i would say you learn at least 20x faster here (in the MTC) than in the real world. I think i might know what an investigator feels like the first time he/she goes to church. If it’s anything like going to the MTC for the first day, then its pretty terrifying. You know you need to go to this place (church), so you show up, you have the right clothes, you have studied for this place, you think you are ready. Then you are greeted by someone you don’t know, they usher you into an unfamiliar spot. They tell you some things that you forget right after they say it, then they send you to a room, you drop off your things and scramble a bit, then comes class. You walk in the door and the teacher greets you with words that are so unfamiliar to you they might as well be a foreign language (in my case, that is literal), then they want you to participate in these activites that are completely wild to you. Demo, watashi wa yakusoku desu. MTC ni totemo manabi masu de. But i promise you, in the MTC you will learn so much. that goes for church too.
Normally i would want to talk about my week but I dont really want to talk about how i heard Niel L. Andersen speak to us on tuesday, or how in our lesson with hiroshi-kyodai after singing praise to the man in nihongo, the spirit flooded the room so much, that we forgot there was another teacher in the room observing us. I won’t tell you how I now have 2 passport holders and i am not allowed to carry my passport on me in Nippon. I will not tell you all that I love you with all my heart, or that I think that this church and gospel is so indisputably true that even when faced with death I will not succeed my desires to the natural man. I will however say that Cambree (my niece) better have the chance to know of this gospel in her life. and that she may be able to grow to be a valiant soul, let her friends George and Jake (heartbreaker) that Uncle Elder Call said hi.


Ko-ru Choro.


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