Life in the MTC

Elder Call - The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Elder Call – The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

This week has been legit. I have had amazingly good times and ridiculously hard times where I just could not stop crying about the situation. We may be teaching fake investigators but the lessons are real and the people are real. I have my P-days on Thursday here, and I am currently using the Laundry room as my email center. We heard a talk from a former seventy on Tuesday, and on Sunday we heard from our 1st counsellor in our branch presidency during our sacrament meeting. We are working so hard, I would probably be burned out if i didn’t have this insane memory retention rate. I have now mastered hiragana, and my katakana is almost there. We are focusing on our investigators (that’s right, 2 of them) otherwise our lessons are lacking. We were testified to (as a companionship) yesterday that we would be amazing missionaries. It’s too bad I was crying the whole time so I could not appreciate it as much as I should have. On last Friday and Saturday we did not teach any lessons because our investigators were sick, but we learned quite a bit in the meantime. Anyway, besides that, I have now studied about half of the main focus book that we have. We call it miyagi-san, we also have charmander, makicarp, katana, sumo, ninja, samurai, and of course our seisho and morumon sho. Soshite, watashitachi wa genki desu. Kono kyokai wa shinjitsu to shite imasu. (we are all happy/healthy. This church is true i know it.) There is no doubt that I can do anything through Kami-sama no chikara (kamisama=God, chikara=power no=possesive, ‘s) and I hope to be able to have plenty of struggles here so that I may be able to grow stronger. I know I said this last time but the amount of tears i have shed here have been more than I have ever shed before in my life. This place is, just like Amy said “a whirlwind”. I love you all, remember to send me stuff for my companion too if you send me something. Matane! (see you later)

Elder Call


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