Welcome to Call Choro’s Blog!

Take a minute to browse the site! There are a couple of pages I added for your convenience:

Contact Info – this page will change as Call Choro gets moved to different areas of his mission. As for now, he will be in the MTC until August 19th and then he’s off to Japan! I will change the addresses as I receive them. Thankfully the mission’s have a great messenger system (passing letters on from missionary to missionary until it gets to the right one!) so even if you send it to the wrong area, the letter will still get to him.

Terms and Lingo – Since he will be undoubtedly using a TON of alliterations (ZL, DL, MTC, EQP, etc.), Japanese terms, gospel/church related terms, all will be listed here in a glossary format.

You will also want to check out the Photo Gallery often! This will be added to as we hear from Call Choro once (or perhaps more if we’re lucky!) a week when he takes time out of his busy missionary schedule to write us!

Just a side note: Email is great, and quick! But missionaries can only check their emails once a week. So don’t forget to send the occasional snail mail letter (or use DearElder.com) so that he can hear from you throughout the week. AND missionaries LOVE packages (sending stuff that he can share with his mission companion is always appreciated)!


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