First email home…


Don’t worry, I’m okay you guys, my P-Day is on Thursday so I couldn’t write on the first week for obvious reasons. On my first Sunday we had an awesome Sacraments meeting. It was amazing. The speakers were a shimai (sister) and choro (elder) that were about to leave the next week. I don’t have my camera with me right now so i cant send you any pictures but if you want something in particular just let me know. If you have any questions you should ask, because I am fried in knowledge right now, and can’t really think all that well. I got to meet my mission president Nakatsuka Kaicho (president, chairman, whatever) on Monday which was awesome, I got to see them because he and about 150 other new mission presidents are being trained here, so its kind of hectic.

During our devotional on Tuesday our whole district was in the choir and we got to sing for 6 of the apostles. We were blessed to hear a talk from elder D. Todd Christopherson about the worth of souls and our mission as missionaries. I have learned so much Nihongo (japanese) in these last 10 days. In fact I have probably learned more in these last 10 days than i have in my 2 years of personal study. I feel like it was meaningless haha. My Doryo (companion) is Palmer Choro (elder). He has a completely different personality than me, but he works hard and he keeps me on track with the important things. I love everybody in my district so much. Every time I am brought to tears because of the spirit everybody comes and hugs me (except the futari shimai (2 shimai). These guys are so awesome. These past 10 days I have gotten so much revelation its ridiculous. I am however behind on my journal about 3 days since I’m so busy. So feel lucky i took time out of my P-Day to write you guys. Mom I hope you don’t miss me too much, but it’s weird, while I’ve been here i haven’t really thought about home, or been homesick. Also, another really cool thing is I have not felt hardly any temptation today at all. This has truly been a level up. I love you guys so much

Elder Call コ-ル著路。

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